Youth as Agents of Change in Society

Organization development, behavioral sciences, and human intervention. Secrets require a certain level of upkeep such as storage, delivery and management. An infrastructure engineer explains her role as an agent of change. A change agent is an individual from inside or outside of a company whose job is to help revitalize a company in response to changing circumstances.


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Regularly intercede in prayer for the people in your church who are trying to change the world. Invest church resources into the community service projects that God calls you all to undertake. Work together with others from your church to serve your community, and ground yourselves in prayer, humility, unity, and knowledge of God’s ways as you do so. The period from the 1990s until the early 2000s saw interest in CHWs begin to wane. PHC and CHW programs in particular proved to be much more costly than previously considered. Concerns about cost-effectiveness overtook the Alma Ata vision of a more just, equitable, and people-oriented health system.

C2H materials are used in different ways, in different blocks of time , based on the time availability and local camp context and resources . Despite the varied approaches to curriculum implementation, the results show significant, positive impact. As a result, Ken often went outside the organization to gather recognition and visibility. Ken was able to transfer some of this recognition and visibility into his organization to gain personal influence with his subordinates and some of his peer-level colleagues.

”, and helping people come to their own conclusions based on their experience is when you will see people have ownership in what they are doing. Keep asking questions to help people think, don’t alleviate that by telling them what to do. Engage in spiritual warfare with confidence.The greater the level of assignment God gives you, the more spiritual warfare will take place over you. Avoid those traps by pursuing humility, generosity, and accountability each day as you do your work for God. Use the authority you have in Christ to rebuke evil whenever you encounter it, and keep in mind that good is always stronger than evil. Eliminate the divide between sacred and secular work.Realize that, from God’s perspective, all work is sacred when the people doing it are using their talents and skills to accomplish God’s purposes for their lives.

Things would obviously move a lot quicker if they had the support of their leader. With that support, change can happen in an organization quickly, but if the leader does not “clear the path”, improvement will take a lot longer than it should. In my opinion, there is no definite deduction that having an internal change agent is better than having an external change agent, vice versa. The is because different organizations have different needs and some organizations have very capable management internally, that might be able to restructure and implement new changes in the company and the quality might be on par with an external change agent.

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