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It would help if you also used proper punctuation and spell-checkers. The topics can be anything related to education, from Internet safety to making learning fun for kids. The subject of your article must be relevant to education and helpful for a teacher, parent, or student. Articles should be well-written, informative, and use specific examples.

Article must be written in well manner that must original and grammatically correct. From practical to whimsical, our gift guide makes holiday shopping easier — leaving you more time to spend with your student. At least one high resolution image should be provided to use as a header for your content.

If we pass on your pitch, feel free to pitch us again in the future. Interested in writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education? We welcome pitches and submissions to our Advice and Review sections. You’ll find more information about each section’s focus and guidelines below. If you are writing about any innovations in the field of teaching, then make sure that your article is backed by enough evidence.


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There are so many related and relevant topics that we can blog about, and we’re going to need your help. If you are an educator, a former educator, or an education expert, take the opportunity to be part of our growing community of contributors. Are you constantly looking for a platform to publish your valuable content?

We reject articles that have been copied from other websites or posted on other websites. The work you submit to us must be unique, original, and free of copyright infringement other intellectual property violations. The link you include in the educational article should point to a trustworthy blog, not to a product, commercial site, or affiliate marketing site. If you want to submit an article for publication on our website, please send the topic to the email address provided. Topics that are intriguing and related to our site will be approved.

A writer’s originality for our Education guest post is crucial to the site’s reputation. Therefore, it must be free from plagiarism and related to the website’s content. You can send us any unique and fresh content relating to educational topics, careers, degrees, scholarships, research work, teaching techniques, universities abroad and other educational matters.

The content must be 100% unique with nothing being accumulated from anywhere. The content will be checked by our copy content devices. — We only accept papers submitted in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. All submissions to EducationHQ are subject to our Terms of Use. Enter a headline and short description , select a category and select whichEducationHQsites you believe it is relevant to.

So here you can find the few search engine query where you can search these query on the search engine. We publish first-person and advice columns on a wide range of career-related topics for faculty members, administrators, and staff members. You need to maintain certain guidelines to write for us. You should make sure that the articles you write don’t cover topics that have already been covered in the blog. So, make sure that you browse through our archive before deciding on a topic to write about.

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