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The new worry for parents becomes how to handle teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Balancing work and family life can sometimes seem like an arduous task. Family time should be a fun time—a time when every member of the family chirps in and shares values. Weekends and holidays can be typically spent bonding. How do you best suggest adoptive parents handle these situations?

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And their babies could also be born addicted to those drugs themselves. Lying on your side with your knees bent is likely to be the most comfortable position as your pregnancy progresses. It also makes your heart’s job easier because it keeps the baby’s weight from putting pressure on the large blood vessels that carry blood to and from your heart and your feet and legs. Lying on your side can also help prevent or reduce varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and swelling in your legs. Any of these is a good choice if you’re healthy and there’s no reason to anticipate complications with your pregnancy and delivery. However, nurse-midwives do need to have a doctor available for the delivery in case an unexpected problem arises or a cesarean section (C-section) is required.

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Most women 19 and older — including those who are pregnant — don’t often get the daily 1,000 mg of calcium that’s recommended. Because your growing baby’s calcium demands are high, you should increase your calcium consumption to prevent a loss of calcium from your own bones. Your doctor will also likely prescribe prenatal vitamins for you, which may contain some extra calcium. UNFPA works with governments and partners to promote universal access to quality, integrated sexual and reproductive health services. UNFPA is the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

If you’re buying an over-the-counter supplement, remember that most multivitamins contain folic acid, but not all of them have enough to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. So, be sure to check labels carefully before choosing one and check with your health care provider. Now that you’re eating for two (or more!), this is not the time to cut calories or go on a diet. In fact, it’s just the opposite — you need about 300 extra calories a day, especially later in your pregnancy when your baby grows quickly.

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