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Please take a moment to look at the Raindancevalues. Vast knowledge of and passion for movies and how Hollywood works. Think of us as Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury at the end of the first Iron Man movie… We’re putting a team together and we want you to be a part of it… If you are the site owner , please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details , so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. Short reviews but very concise and innovative writings.

We’ll be running unique content tests on the submitted articles to ensure they haven’t been published elsewhere. Manage and create content for the Movie News section of the site, covering all aspects of the news, focusing chiefly on the films that matter to most people. Ready Steady Cut is one of the web’s fastest-growing entertainment sites, especially in the streaming platforms arena. Our mission statement is to keep on growing and making our readers aware of the best streaming content. Submissions for one of our blog sections should range between 400 and 800 words, while Complete Movie Review or Movie Explaination generally starts at around 1000 words.


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Freelance video producer and sound mixer Larry Vaughn shares his favorite gear to get the job done. Video Lighting Techniques for Videos and Documentaries by Lorraine Grula – When it comes to making videos and documentaries, your lighting makes a bigger difference in the quality of your finished product than what kind of camera you use. An Unconventional Approach To Short Form Documentary Filmmaking By Tony Wise – The pitch, on the surface, was rather straight forward. For this project though the filmmaker wanted to try something a little different. How To Organize 60 Years Of History Into A 94-Minute Documentary By Daniel Raim – Oscar nominated director Daniel Raim has spent the last 2 years pouring over stacks of photographs, old film footage and other archival materials…

Because we are a website for and about filmmakers and screenwriters, the articles should be written from your first hand experience. The major perk is to be part of a growing platform that grows its audience on a weekly/monthly basis. We also provide press access to events and screenings and advanced review copies for our critics. Another perk (for the film/TV writers) is that you will be able to join our weekly podcast and voice your Film & TV commentary audibly (which is fun!). If you are up for a fun challenge and want to be part of a constantly evolving project, then let us know. What we can provide is a platform, one supported by a dedicated team, extensive social media promotion, an editorial process, and fellow writers who are fans first, just like you.

In return, the author would be provided a showcase corner and an author’s page (if he/she is consistent). A guest post would be provided with a backlink. A regular contributor will be paid, depending upon the consistency and passion. TV Writer – Delivering the news stories, articles, essays, latest trailers as well as the reviews. We can get the latest box sets, or tickets to TV related events but you must have access to such channels as Sky Atlantic, Fox, etc. to review the latest episodes.

Here are some of the best sources to find free media for your documentary or video project… The Tethered’s red jump suits and single glove were an allusion to Michael Jackson along with the “Thriller” shirt seen on young Adelaide, and Peele has stated that Jackson was “the patron saint of duality”. Critic Jim Vejvoda related the Tethered to “urban legends” and “xenophobic paranoia about the Other”, also writing they resembled the Morlocks in H. Journalist Noel Ransome viewed the film as being about “the effects of classism and marginalization”, writing “the Tethered are effigies of this same situational classism. They’re trapped—mentally and physically—and ignored”. He also noted the title Us could mean “U.S.”, or United States. Us had its world premiere at the South by Southwest film festival on March 8, 2019.

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