Whats In Your Bag, Chaim Gartenberg?

I try to go to the health club a few times a week, which is why I maintain a lock in my bag. The day we shot this was not a fitness center day, however there’s usually a plastic bag of shorts and a T-shirt and a water bottle crammed in right here, too. The remainder of the contents simply sort of jumble around in the backside. Google owned YouTube is ready to launch its short-form video app Shorts on its smart TV app.

These videos can be shown in a section on the homepage titled “Stories and brief movies”. This early beta was launched only to a small variety of folks. The Switch is the one biggest reason I learn much less on the subway today, and that’s just because it’s just so good as a transportable console. This is my work laptop computer, a 15-inch, early 2013 MacBook Pro.

I prefer to maintain a pocket book and pen handy for taking notes at meetings or interviews, because it feels a lot more personable than hiding behind a laptop computer display. I also hold a stack of business cards in my bag, however by some means I by no means have any when I really want them. What that translates to is an entire bunch of things to kill time on the subway, and an entire bunch of emergency chargers, headphones, and cables that I lug around with me in all places — you understand, just in case. Sometimes there’s extra stuff if I’m traveling farther or have an event to go to, and typically there’s less if I overlook one thing charging on my desk, however this is a tough average of what I usually carry round. In January 2022, a examine showed that scammers were pirating popular posts on TikTok to re-post on YouTube Shorts, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. They pinned feedback on their reposted videos containing business hyperlinks, which generated money for them on a cost per motion or price per lead basis.

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video-sharing platform provided by YouTube. The platform hosts person content much like YouTube’s major hire anime artist service, but limits pieces to 60 seconds in length. Since its launch, YouTube Shorts has amassed over 5 trillion views.

There are not any stickers, as a end result of I get terrible sticker anxiety that I’ll waste all my cool ones on a laptop computer and then break it and lose all of them. Is a recurring function the place we ask people to inform us a bit extra about their everyday devices by opening their baggage and hearts to us. This week, we’re featuring reporter Chaim Gartenberg.

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