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The hit TV series ‘Vikings’ from the History Channel is all set to end this year. Contributing travel articles to our site will increase your site domain authority and your organic traffic. However, please do not send us any request without reading the guidelines because we would reject requests that do not adhere to our guidelines. You can link to relevant content on your site and other websites.

How to finance repairs of the roads and how to best manage the influx of tourists in search of lava viewing thrills are the thorny questions for which no answers were offered during the meeting. Residents were forced to evacuate under pressure of advancing lavaby the end of May. Check out this interesting theme about meeting ourselves, knowing our links with the natural world.


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The Blonde Abroad is a popular travel blog written by Kiersten Rich, a young woman who has been traveling the world for the past six years. Her blog covers a wide range of topics, from budget travel tips to beauty and fashion advice for travelers. As you can see, there are many great opportunities for writers who want to write about travel. So if you have some great travel stories or tips to share, don’t hesitate to pitch them to one of these sites.

You never know – you might just end up being published on one of the web’s top travel destinations. Gadling is a well-known and highly respected travel blog that covers all aspects of travel. They’re always on the lookout for new contributors, and are especially interested in articles about adventure travel, culture, food and drink, history, lifestyle, and technology. We are looking for volunteers and guest writers from all walks of life (travel bloggers, gap year students, couple travelers, published travel book authors, solo travelers, etc.) to write for us. We welcome all those travel buffs to write for us tourism & vacation and share their funny, adventurous, and exciting travel experience with our readers.

Show them that anyone can live an extraordinary life and that travel can enrich their lives just as it has enriched yours. When we were starting out, we had so much to say and wanted more people to hear our story. When we wrote for the blogs that we admire and enjoy, we were excited and thrilled to see our story on their page. We were even more excited when we watched our website grow because we were making new friends and gaining a new audience. They must not have been posted previously anywhere on the internet.

In particular, we are looking for people who can write about authentic experiences with places, activities, events, hotels, etc, and offer advice to fellow travelers and family adventurers. If you haven’t traveled to the places or done the activities that you’re writing about, then it’s unlikely that we will accept your pitch. Want to write for one of the leading travel websites on the Internet? The Planet D is owned and operated by Dave and Deb and we are always looking to help writers get their content seen. We’re looking for articles that are destination-specific, including city guides and ” Things to do in…” style posts.

If you’re a new author, we hope you’ll bear with us and understand that we can’t accept your proposal right now. Read through our articles and understand our different categories, topics, and styles. We prefer articles that are between 2,000 and 2,500 words in length, but we will consider articles that are shorter or longer if they offer something truly unique and valuable to our readers. Send your topic ideas before you submit your story. The story should be unique and not published elsewhere — we will check. Any plagiarized or re-used content will be rejected and blacklisted.

These links must be relevant to the topic of your article, and they should add value for our readers. If we would like to feature your article or have you as an ongoing contributor, we will notify you by email. We only want fun, informative travel-related articles that will help and inspire our readers to travel and explore.

During the same decade, the number of tourists roaming the world nearly doubled. Everybody wants to attract tourists from BRIC countries and fromChina most of all. France harnessed the economic power of tourism decades ago. The “well-heeled, educated tourists” leave their RMB, Rupees, Reals, and Rubles throughout France, not just Paris. France shaped an integrated win-win marketing strategy that drills down to agricultural networks so provincial inns will have enough succulent organic lamb chops for the menus. Every week, a cultural festival in different regional towns ensures a steady stream of visitors.

Just contact us at and send us your guest blog post ideas. Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association is the largest global network of adventure travel leaders. We are not going to use your story for free of cost. We will pay you and article will also be published on your name. So, you will get exposure and you work will be seen by thousands of people interested in travel. We will also publish your article throughout our social media channels.

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