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Be a part of our adventure, and have fun joining a community of die-hard fans and writers. Editors and regular writers of websites are often invited to events with affiliates or sponsors. We try and gain as much access to these sorts of opportunities as possible.

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Watch UFC Orlando post-fight press conference video to see UFC Orlando fighters answers question from the media Saturday. You will be part of the team that edits and publishes highly engaging sports content from writers across the world. We operate in an extremely competitive environment where quality and being first to market are paramount. Want to share an experience you’ve had in the combat sports world? Or send an article about an upcoming event you’re excited about?

Home of the best free UFC predictions, picks, tips and more. We bring you the latest betting odds, news, and results for every UFC fight. Content must be relevant to martial arts / strength training niche. All articles must be 1000+ words, or if you are creating a video, it needs to be 3+ minutes long.

This MMA Life fully supports cross posting from your own MMA blog, this ensures that Google and other search engines know where the original article is located. This means that you’ll rank higher than us in searches and Google will know that there is no duplication in content. Fresh Press Media is well known by a number of large media companies and national journalism institutions. Any experience gained with us would carry with it respect and could easily be used on your CV to further your career. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. While you and I recognize these high-profile athletes as fighters, icons, legends, or even heels, they are humans just the same.

It’s a fantastic place to start writing and loads of people have them. I would never say something about someone that I don’t have the spine to say to their face. While it has served me well in my personal life, I have allowed the rule to slip in my writing. One of the guys I was sitting with was content to point out to me that Brock had trained with them and was nothing short of a gentlemen and a very classy guy. This comment was made very curt and to the point so as to let me know how out of line I really was making such assumptions about an iconic figure in this sport.

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