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Now I’ve found it, and while I don’t know exactly what that path will look like 10, 20 or 50 years from now, I know that I’m headed in the right direction, and that, in fact, I always have been. One of the main ways we did this was by cooking almost everything from scratch. We would make our weekly trip to the grocery store, load up on all of the basic, staple items that were on sale for a reasonable price and walk back a fair distance with a shopping cart we had “borrowed” from the store. Then we would cook up all sorts of meals from scratch with the basic meat, veggies, bread and dairy products we had purchased from the store. Sure we weren’t baking the bread from scratch, but I loved the empowering feeling I got from creating a tasty, nourishing and overall satisfying meal with our own two hands from a few basic ingredients. Ryan did the occasional repair job or got a travel sales gig in town every now and then .

Covers articles about homestead living, healthy living, easy recipes, and homesteading journey. The Farmer’s Lamp shares old-timey, down-to-earth, common sense knowledge, and experience. A cornucopia of very useful gardening & homesteading tips with a lot of delicious recipes & some fun crafts thrown in. We also cover gardening, raising chickens, foraging, preparedness, and preserving the bounty. Grow Forage Cook Ferment is a blog that teaches about all types of homesteading endeavors. We offer ideas for growing food & medicine; recipes & tutorials for cooking, fermenting, preserving the harvest; and easy homemade herbal remedies & body care products.


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They’re interested in everything from livestock care to nutrition. They pay $20 to $200 for published articles, depending on length . This magazine is published four times a year by staff writers, but includes several articles by freelancers in each issue. Find a detailed list of agricultural topics in the guidelines to hone your idea and pitch with photos for an added edge.

That means homesteading can potentially give you something called forced sale immunity. That means creditors can’t force you to sell your home to cover your debts if you default on a loan or other debt. This benefit also transfers on to a spouse if the homeowner dies. Homestead benefits are for the life of you and your spouse, as long as you continue to occupy the homestead property.

However, this usually won’t protect you from specific types of debt like defaulted property taxes or a mortgage foreclosure. Most often permaculture farms are organic and don’t use pesticides or other harmful chemicals either. They catch and store energy such as rainwater or sunlight where it’s abundant. Building things like tables, cabinets, or even a barn yourself will save a lot of money if you’re able to do it. A sewing machine will make things faster and easier, but it isn’t necessary. With just a needle and thread you can repair and hem clothes to make them last significantly longer, and save a lot of money in the process.

It doesn’t take much effort to throw all your food scraps, leaves, chicken manure, and extra plant matter from your garden into the compost. You might not get the same yield as someone who uses fertilizer, but most vegetables will grow in almost any type of soil with just a bit of love and care. In fact, all you really need is a few dollars for some packs of seeds. Dirt, water, and sun are all free and are really all you need to get started.

In fact, there’s a steep learning curve to learn all of the new skills you’ll need. It can be challenging and even overwhelming at first. But many of these challenges will help to grow you into a stronger person.

We struggled to balance the homestead and work full-time. At the time, “Homesteading” was still a very foreign term to most and there weren’t as many resources as there are now. In a similar way, I also jumped into homesteading as a form of escape. I was convinced that homesteading and blogging were the answers to my problems.

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