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I’m Jarett Wegner, the guy behind The Adventurous Camper. I’m a huge enthusiast for all things camping, hiking, or exploring. I try to get lost in the woods nearly every chance I get. I also love surfing and grew up going to the beach every time I could.

Commitment to producing innovative, effective performance apparel with affordable prices. Here are a few guidelines you should take care of while sending us your pieces. Must not be plagiarized or contain any duplicate content. Articles must be at least 1,000 words or more and be related to RV’ing or camping in some way.

And when I’m not out catching some fresh air, I’m here writing for The Adventurous Camper. If you’ve got an idea for an article and can meet the guidelines, send an email with your pitch to info Interested in becoming a guest writer for The Adventurous Camper?


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Once we receive your request, we’ll read it and let you know if it’s approved. If approved, we’ll reach out to request the completed article and when it’ll be posted on our website. We would much rather high quality content that comes in less frequently that a flood of shallow, poor quality articles.

Want to have your articles shown to thousands of visitors every month? We’re looking for individuals who know a couple of things about hiking, camping, bike-packing, adventure sports, walking to stay active, and the outdoors. RVing Talks will not give any feedback or notes on the submitted articles. If we reject your article, we will let you know the reason for the rejection.

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