How to Become a Plumber Duties, Salary and Steps

We’ve established what it means to be a plumber, the tasks you will be expected to undertake, the skills you need and the benefits of the field. If you still think plumbing is for you, let’s take a detailed look at how to begin your career. Plumbers typically work full time and hours can include evenings and weekends, as those that respond to emergencies will be on call. Self-employed plumbers can set their own hours and typically work 9–5. The work environment of a plumber is hands on, with expected physical labor when it comes to assessing equipment and repairing and installing systems.

By combining rank-building initiatives, we help plumbers upscale their online traction to make it to — and stay on — the first page of search results. If you’re looking to gain high-quality leads, phone calls, and sales, SEOReseller’s plumber SEO strategy can help improve your marketing dollars’ longevity. If you want to maintain a steady flow of new clients, your plumbing business must stand out above your competition online.


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Descriptive URL slugs are important because they help searchers understand the content and context of the page before clicking. They’ll get cut off in the search results if they’re too long, so it also pays to keep them short and sweet. Your service and business name in title case divided by a pipe will usually suffice. There can be SEO benefits to having a page for each location. But generally speaking, having one page listing them all will suffice for most plumbers.

They should have a problem-solving aptitude for handling emergencies to fill the available position. Here are some sections in the resume to keep in mind for your plumber resume. The news may worry writer Joe Cottonwood from La Honda, California.

Every month, we give you detailed reports that contain information, such as your organic and paid search rankings, direct traffic, referrals, bounce rate and average session duration. Don’t forget to proofread your plumber’s resume once you are done writing. Re-read your resume and let a trustworthy person look over it for any mistakes. Include all of your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent experience.

He currently holds the status of the only published plumber called Joe, writing the 1979 novel Famous Potatoes when he was a handyman who did a lot of plumbing. Not only can you track the “SEO health” of your website in Site Audit , but you can also see all keyword rankings in the Organic keywords report in Site Explorer. If any of these posts have inaccurate or outdated information, you can tell the people linking to them and suggest swapping out the link for your accurate and up-to-date piece.

Jeff’s client relationships are strong because they are built on mutual respect. Jeff talks the language of real estate and understands that it is a vehicle to deliver your business strategy. Our plumber SEO agency provides custom online solutions to help you obtain higher keyword rankings, increased site traffic and improved conversion rates.

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