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Currently, we do not offer monetary compensation for guest posts. We own the copyright on any guest post published on our website and the material cannot be posted elsewhere. All content of your guest post needs to be INFORMATIVE, UNIQUE and RELEVANT to the topics above . Posts containing one maybe more hyperlinks are welcome as long as they do not relate to one of our competitors. Backlinks to the official site or the shop page are permitted.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Get my easy 8-step layering process, the “Master the Mixed Border” checklist & a printable planting pyramid; all for free. The article can include a maximum of 1 Do-take after link to your site. The article must be 100% unique and finely crafted without any grammatical errors. If we deem the quality of the article not good enough, we will not publish it.

We are searching for creative writers that can provide high-quality gardening content. Please send us your articles because you are submitting them to gardening blogs. It will help us to grow our company all while allowing readers to locate ideas in one place. If you want to write for, we’d love to have you! We accept bylined articles to be published on our blog. Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on The Garden Prepper.

It must not include any misleading or erroneous information. Join our family as a guest writer to share your love and expertise with the rest of our readers. It’s a great way to establish your own expertise, in addition to giving our followers great content to stay engaged. Gift Your Home blog articles cover topics like home improvement, interior designing, gardening, pest control and even more. In this article type you will be sharing detailed tips and ideas, or the results you have achieved from a specific garden topic or technique.

For example, you can write on topics related to power system , electrical machines etc. If you are interested in writing for my audience, please contact us so we can arrange a guest post. Any links you include in your post should be relevant and valid. We do not publish the content which duplicates with others, including our website’s articles. We reserve the right to reject articles with poor quality and irrelative topics.

Contact us and let us know you’re interested in writing for us! Include what your proposed article title is, some bullet points of what you’ll write about, and a brief article excerpt. The easiest way to write a post is to use Google Docs and then share it with us. You can use Word, but I’m afraid we’ll just upload it into Google Docs, so that when edits happen, everyone has the same up to date copy. © 2021 Plants Spark Joy – Your daily dose of all things plants.

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