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A jig consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are intended to create a jerky, vertical motion, as opposed to spinnerbaits which move through the water horizontally. Netting is the principal method of commercial fishing, though longlining, trolling, dredging and traps are also used. Modern spearguns – traditional spearfishing is restricted to shallow waters, but the development of the speargun has made the method much more efficient. With practice, divers are able to hold their breath for up to four minutes and sometimes longer.


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Of course, a diver with underwater breathing equipment can dive for much longer periods. Harpoons – Spearfishing with barbed poles was widespread in palaeolithic times. Cosquer Cave in Southern France contains cave art over 16,000 years old, including drawings of seals which appear to have been harpooned. Conservation issues are part of marine conservation, and are addressed in fisheries science programs. There is a growing gap between how many fish are available to be caught and humanity’s desire to catch them, a problem that gets worse as the world population grows.

Gillnets – catch fish which try to pass through by snagging on the gill covers. Trapped, the fish can neither advance through the net nor retreat. They are usually gillnets, and are commonly used in the coastal waters of many countries.

Next, find an open area away from other people where you can practice casting. Microsoft Word is the preferred format with Cambria 12 pt. Font, use automatic indents with no spaces between each new paragraph.

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Remote control fishing – Fishing can also be done using a remote controlled boat. This type of fishing is commonly referred to as RC fishing. The boat is usually one to three feet long and runs on a small DC battery. The fisherman connects the fishing line/bait to the boat; drives it; navigating the water by manipulating the remote controller. Jigging – is the practice of fishing with a jig, a type of fishing lure.

Some of these species are herring, cod, anchovy, tuna, flounder, mullet, squid, shrimp, salmon, crab, lobster, oyster and scallops. All except these last four provided a worldwide catch of well over a million tonnes in 1999, with herring and sardines together providing a catch of over 22 million metric tons in 1999. Many other species as well are fished in smaller numbers.

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