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Only use images for which you own the copyright or have permission from the original owner. When describing statistics, provide a graph, chart, or table if possible. To confirm the data’s accuracy, cite a reliable source.

Since 1996, we have built trust and credibility not only throughout Vietnam but also in many parts of the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we have crafted thousands of products that align with ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, and many other standards. They can be broadly categorized into fruit smoothies, green smoothies, and protein smoothies. With essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals, this delicious drink can help improve your overall health. Now, you have another healthy choice for serving your targeted customer’s needs.


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The next great drink could be right around the corner. The most important thing when writing a recipe is to be specific. When describing the appearance of the drink you want to give as many details as possible. Also, make sure you provide step by step instructions on how to make the drink. Please choose a topic on or related to alcohol, drinking culture, food & dining, and the bar industry, given the nature of our business. We don’t publish stories that aren’t related to our company or website.

Keep, coming to latest unique awesome food and drink recipes. As writers and artists, we can fall victim to the Starving Artist Syndrome, sacrificing things like food and drink to focus on our art. Today, though, I think we ought to explore how food and drink can affect your writing. Authors mayprovide an optional short bio of up to 50 wordsand their main email address . To avoid ownership ambiguity, we will not attribute your post to a company. All contributions must be of high quality and educational, with a focus on providing value to our audience rather than promoting a product or service.

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